Employee engagement in theory and practice


Truss, Cathe­ri­ne; Alfes, Kers­tin; Del­bridge, Rick; Shantz, Aman­da; Soane, Emma (Hrsg.), 2014

Employee enga­ge­ment in theo­ry and prac­tice.

Abing­don, Rout­ledge
ISBN: 9780415657419

In recent years the­re has been a weight of evi­dence sug­ges­ting that enga­ge­ment has a signi­fi­cant­ly posi­ti­ve impact on pro­duc­tivi­ty, per­for­mance and orga­ni­sa­tio­nal advo­cacy, as well as indi­vi­du­al well­being, and a signi­fi­cant­ly nega­ti­ve impact on intent to quit and absen­te­eism from the work place. This com­pre­hen­si­ve new book is uni­que as it brings tog­e­ther, for the first time, psy­cho­lo­gi­cal and cri­ti­cal HRM per­spec­tives on enga­ge­ment as well as their prac­ti­cal app­li­ca­ti­on.

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